Cooked Food on the Table

Heritage Food Festival

Nov. 1-3, 2024

Join us for a 3-day festival where we will camp, learn skills that will get us closer to the land and come together for a final shared feast!

Mt. Folly Farms

3581 Schollsville Rd,

Winchester, KY 40391

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Learn the essentials to get back to your roots!

Most modern Americans have lost their connection with their food and the earth. This has created a society that is fat, sick, depressed, and longing for something more... a reconnection to their roots.

The industrial revolution and post-WW2 culture moved us from the agrarian society of our ancestors to where we are today. In less than two generations, we have lost the skills that once were considered common sense, such as caring for the land with natural inputs, raising our food, and cooking from scratch.

Join us for a journey in essential skills that will reconnect you to your roots and empower you to take control of your food, health, and life.

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Learn the skills you need to reconnect and live more confidently!

Butchering and Meat Processing

Wild foraging Workshops

Hands-on Cooking Workshops

Traditional Diets for Health Workshops

Fermentation Workshops

Basic and Alternative Cooking Workshops

Details You Need to Know!

Primitive Camping and Carside Camping Available

Come join us for the whole event and don’t miss out on a single activity! Spaces for primitive tent and car side camping available. Restroom facilities provided.

BYO - Bring Your Own - Pack like you’re camping.

  • Bring food, snacks, and drinks for breakfast -and lunches.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle and mess kit.
  • Bring a side to share! Meat & buns will be provided for the Hootenanny on Friday!
  • Bring your favorite kitchen tools. Saturday Feast will be fully prepared as a community effort.

Pack for the weather!

Weather can be hard to predict. Make sure you pack appropriate and adequate clothing and footwear to be outdoors. Bonfires will be available for cooking and warming up.


Can I do multiple workshops? YES! Absolutely. We have made the schedule to spread out events for people to double dip between workshops.

Can I come just for specific workshops or just for the music? Yes, there are ticket options for just workshops, or just the live music on Friday night.

Is the event family friendly? Absolutely. Children are invited and welcome as they are part of the community as well. There will be a workshop for craft making which any age is welcome to. There will also be a workshop geared towards children as well.

Is lodging available? For those interested in staying overnight, camping is an option. Tent camping and small pop-up campers are allowed in the designated camping areas. We will have down time at the end of each day for socializing and hanging out at the end of the events each day.

What about food? On Friday night there will be meat and buns provided and mobile bar with offerings available for purchase. On Saturday we will have the community feast that the workshops will provide the ingredients for. For the rest of the time, we recommend bringing your own food, snacks or drinks. There will be an outdoor kitchen available for cooking. There are also local options, such as the Pilot which is approximately 10 minutes from the event location. There are other food options available in Winchester and Mount Sterling as well.

Are pets allowed? We love animals, we really do, but for everyone involved it is best if you keep your furry friends at home for this event